The Capricorn Effect

The backscene represents the front of the palace, with three doors, of which the central and largest is the principal entrance into the house. The time is at daybreak on the morning after the fall of the two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, and the flight of the defeated Argives. Nothing painful is there, nothing fraught with ruin, no shame, no dishonour, that I have not seen in thy woes and mine. And now what new edict is this of which they tell, that our Captain hath just published to all Thebes? Or is it hidden from thee that our friends are threatened with the doom of our foes? ISMENE No word of friends, Antigone, gladsome or painful, hath come to me, since we two sisters were bereft of brothers twain, killed in one day by twofold blow; and since in this last night the Argive host hath fled, know no more, whether my fortune be brighter, or more grievous. Eteocles, they say, with due observance of right and custom, he hath laid in the earth, for his honour among the dead below. But the hapless corpse of Polyneices-as rumour saith, it hath been published to the town that none shall entomb him or mourn, but leave unwept, unsepulchred, a welcome store for the birds, as they espy him, to feast on at will. Such, ’tis said, is the edict that the good Creon hath set forth for thee and for me,-yes, for me,-and is coming hither to proclaim it clearly to those who know it not; nor counts the matter light, but, whoso disobeys in aught, his doom is death by stoning before all the folk.

Q: What is the “False Vacuum” and are we living in it?

Log in to post comments More like this Most of Earth’s twins aren’t identical, or even close! For the first time, astronomers with the NASA Kepler spacecraft mission have discovered a planet orbiting two stars. As we got farther and farther away it diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine.

You’ve all heard them before, and you can visualize them pretty easily. Start by thinking about the… ouch!

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His identity as a rogue Grim Reaper was not revealed until later within the series, where he admitted that he was behind the resurrection of corpses known as the Bizarre Dolls. Upon having his true nature exposed, Undertaker takes a more antagonistic role within the series. Prior to this, he acted as an informant to the Phantomhive family for many years.

Unlike the other Grim Reapers, he does not seem to require the need of glasses. Like Sebastian, Undertaker has a fixation on humans, as well as the fundamentals of life. Despite his eccentric and comical personality, Undertaker is a manipulative, ruthless, and enigmatic individual. However, he has shown to care for Ciel deeply, as well as for the Phantomhive family. He was willing to kill Sebastian because he believes that Sebastian is making Ciel miserable, and also revived his twin brother in secret.

Spears is part of the management ward of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. Unlike his coworkers, William is strict and dutiful and despises when he is forced to work overtime repeatedly due to Grell Sutcliff’s or Ronald Knox’s mishaps or calamities. William has a hatred for demons, especially Sebastian, who seems to be his rival whenever they meet. William’s Death Scythe is a pair of garden trimmers in which he relies to straighten his glasses and hit Grell on the head with.

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Predictions

The telephone will may be busy but the news could be depressive. Stay active and be mentally alert. Dealing with others has and will always be a challenge for us all. Move on to better ground, the future has always better to offer. Some karmic souls may have to experience a rebirth of their relationships.

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Q: Is there a formula for finding primes? Do primes follow a pattern?

UFOs and Fringe Science There are around human-made satellites in working order around the Earth, however if the debris of old and damaged satellites are taken into account the number increases dramatically. Ever since the Soviet Union launched the very first artificial satellite into orbit in , various countries around the world have sought to compete and satellites today are used for communication, navigation and exploration.

Satellites are often visible passing overhead as the sunlight reflects back towards the Earth.

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For some say, at Dracanum; and some, on windy Icarus; and some, in Naxos, O Heaven-born, Insewn 2 ; and others by the deep-eddying river Alpheus that pregnant Semele bare you to Zeus the thunder-lover. And others yet, lord, say you were born in Thebes; but all these lie. The Father of men and gods gave you birth remote from men and secretly from white-armed Hera. There is a certain Nysa, a mountain most high and richly grown with woods, far off in Phoenice, near the streams of Aegyptus.

And as these things are three, 4 so shall mortals ever sacrifice perfect hecatombs to you at your feasts each three years. And the divine locks of the king flowed forward from his immortal head, and he made great Olympus reel. So spake wise Zeus and ordained it with a nod.

Astrology of Today – Friday, May 25, 2018

Unlike real planets, said the scientists, Pluto wasn’t powerful enough to shove anyone else around. Pluto’s gravitational force may leave other celestial bodies undisturbed. But his appearance in the chart, by aspect or by transit, definitely shakes up people’s lives on planet Earth.

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Love Sign Compatibility There can be a firming up in government, with our attitude towards the aging, status or classes, order, organization, and finances. There are no shortcuts with this position! Patience and effort are valued, but also efficiency. Capricorn is an uphill battle that actually, eventually succeeds.

The results are long-lasting. With Saturn in Capricorn, we have a sense that we should work hard for what we want if we want it to last, grow, and strengthen. Capricorn themes include aging, experience, ambition, skeleton, bones, skin, buildings, government, engineering, traditions, structures, rules, defense, fatherhood, boundaries, preparation, planning. Reforms and efforts to strengthen, build, or rebuild structures in these areas are likely.

We turn a critical eye towards these things with Saturn in Capricorn. Capricorn favors quality over quantity, simplicity over chaos. Ambition is more straightforward during this period.

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Posted on July 15, by The Physicist Physicist: The False Vacuum is just another item on the long list of things to worry about, that are not worth worrying about, and that nobody can do anything about. If you have any other worries, worry about those first. For example, if you pour water into a bathtub there are a lot of ways that the water could arrange itself, but it will rapidly try to assume the ground state: If you allow the energy to drain out of a system, then it will approach its ground state.

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Fortunately, due to accident of birth, I m Hindu!! To die to the mind of Christ is to live in GOD. Here we see the evidence of the war within the mind. Here is her golden apple. Shiva is also known as the Almighty Wisdom. This spot is the Hindu Tilaka, which is similar to the red Hindu Bindi dot on the forehead of females in Hinduism.

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This Thanksgiving ex-president Obama continues with his tradition of apologizing to turkeys everywhere for the injustice they suffered since America’s founding Oslo, Norway: Trump reverses Obama’s executive order banning hurricanes ISIS claims responsibility for a total solar eclipse over the lands of American crusaders and nonbelievers When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn’t know what a map was CNN: We must bring America into the 21st century by replacing the 18th century Constitution with 19th century poetry Pelosi:

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This is a period for visions and questions; for believing and daring to experience life. The New Moon on the 18th in Sagittarius gives us more oomph to explore and expand. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd, quickly meeting with Saturn freshly in the sign, and we become far more concerned with the material world.

We are primarily goal-oriented now, and all those traits that help us to reach our goals come into sharp focus: Mercury Mercury continues to transit Sagittarius all month. We are curious, questioning, and brave with our thoughts and ideas during this cycle. Ideals are sought, our thinking is optimistic, and our faith increases. We are more equipped to believe and to persuade during this transit. This can be a time of scattered thoughts and mental disarray, however.

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