Netizen gọi IU là cáo 9 đuôi, Eunhyuk là nạn nhân xấu số sau scandal

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[Rumor] IU dan Eunhyuk Super Junior tengah berkencan?

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A photo of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and singer IU was uploaded on her Twitter, showing Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajamas lying together, causing fans to gossip about the two being in a relationship. It looks like the photo was uploaded on Twitter by accident since it .

April 4, Job description: Half of the fantastic Eunhae duo. Sometime choreographer and dance instructor for SJ. Occasional composer and songwriter. Recent addition to Super Junior M. Enlisted into the military on October 13, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Shindong, Kyuhyun. Eunhyuk is a regular on popular variety shows Strong Heart and Star King. Not even Eunhyuk could moonwalk out of the scandal that erupted between him and starlet IU near the end of IU uploaded a picture of herself in pajamas and what looks to be either a shirtless or scantily clad Eunhyuk to her Twitter page, only to be removed in less than two minutes later.

The real kicker was that they appeared to be on a bed and Eunhyuk was sporting a very interesting facial expression. Fans of both idols were left wondering whether the two were dating and made like Sherlock Holmes and started investigating. The members have recently created a running gag in which they label Eunhyuk as the ugliest among them. Eunhyuk may be no Siwon or even Donghae for that matter , but he is just as beautiful because God created him like the rest of us.

IU : CHAT-SHIRE (4th Mini Album)

D Okey daripada berlama-lama langsung aja kita baca fakta couple yg paling dasyat membahana yaitu Jieunhyuk Couple: Dan saat mengumumkan siapa yg menjadikan IU sbg favorit, Eunhyuk menjadi salah satu idola pria yang memfavoritkan IU. Tahun di Sukira yg jadi guestnya adalah member Suju, ini dialog mereka: Sebelum menjadi artis terkenal, kamu mengatakan bahwa kamu tidak menyukainya, dan ingin mengubah tamu untuk orang lain, tapi saat dia menjadi terkenal dan cantik kamu mengatakan, “Dia yang terbaik, tolong mengundang dia di sini”.

Kamu mempunyai sikap yang sama sekali berbeda sebelum dan sesudah dia terkenal, benarkan?

Eunhyuk did nothin wrong but had to deal with ‘visiting the sick’ comments on ‘Radio Star’, comments which were never directly said to IU when she was on TV. Eunhyuk was the clear victim but he was the one being dealt all the pain.

Nama Hyukjae seperti nama pelawak korea, oleh karena itu SM Entertaiment mengbah namanya. Sampe-sampe kalau mau pergi jauh, oppa harus sama noonanya itu Oppa sama kakaknya pernah dikira pacaran gara-gara sering pergi beduaan Punya beberapa nama panggilan diantaranya: Termasuk anak Tuhan kayak Siwon. Rajin banget ke gereja Hobinya ngedance, nyanyi, main piano, main bola, bikin lirik rap, latihan nari and nyanyi sama dengerin musik.

Tapi kalau misalnya ada yang ngmbil jatah makanannya, dia berubah galak, Oppa bakal ngerasa seneng kalau ada yang bilang kalau oppa ini punya karisma dan good-looking Hal yang bikin oppa ngerasa gak puas kalau misalnya ommanya gak ngasih uang saku selama dua bulan Oppa gak pernah tidur telanjang oh mungkin maksudnya selalu pake piyama gak kayak Shindong oppa Suka cewek yang rambutnya keriting atau kalau dikucir keliatan cantik daripada cewek yang rambutnya lurus.

Lucu, cantik, manis kek permen kapas, kulitnya putih, matanya indah, gadis yang rapi. Miss Rightnya Emma Watson Oppa ga suka cewek yang suka pake celana yang bagian pinggangnya tinggi itu loh, tau kan? Istilah kerennya celana high-waisted Oppa penegn punya pacar yang penuh percaya diri sama mampu bersaing Tapi kalo buat pendamping hidup, oppa pengen istri yang baik sama nerima oppa apa adanya Buah kesukaannya Strawberry, Gyool buah yang cuma ada di Korea , ama Jeruk Sayuran kesukaannya tomat Oppa milih Won Bin sebagai artis namja yang good looking dan mengakui kalo dirinya itu mirip sama wonbin Barang yang sering ia belai itu peliharaanya.

Choco anjing , Minki anjing sama siput Kenapa suka melihara siput? Oppa gak suka seafood Minuman favoritnya susu strawberry, jus jeruk Snack favoritnya Banana kick Gak suka alkohol sama rokok. Dulu waktu masih sekolah, oppa pernah buat perjanjian gak akan pernah minum alkohol dan ngerokok sama Junsu DBSK Cita-cita waktu kecil pengen jadi pemain bola sama penyanyi Motto hidupnya:

Super Junior

Shindong seems to not be very popular member of the group because of his weight problem, thats what it seems like anyways. Shindong Biography Born September 28, , he better known by his stage name Shindong, is a singer, entertainer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. In the past Shindong has been criticized for his large size, which contradicts many slim Korean idols.

Explanations about EunHyuk-IU scandal So to start with, we’d like to talk to you about a very delicate, tricky and awkward subject: EunHyuk-IU scandal from last 9th of November As EunHae Shippers we were surely very shocked when this photo was posted as the scandal invaded the internet, and our social networks in less than a few hours.

Eunhyuk has the same birth name as comedian Lee Hyukjae. This is why he chose the name Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk pre-debut As a young boy, in 2nd grade, Hyukjae first became interested in dancing. Watching his older sister practicing for a school talent show, he got inspired to dance himself. Enjoying every minute of rehearsals and performing, he developed a love for dancing.

He would watch videos and continue to practice in order to be a dancer of the highest caliber that he could reach. In the year , Hyukjae auditioned for Starlight Casting System and became an SM Entertainment trainee soon after when he was advised to audition. He and Junsu were the only two who made it through that particular audition.

Kangta Battle of the Century Pop vs.

Sungmin (Super Junior) – DAYDREAM (낮 꿈)

Shindong, Leeteuk, Heechul and even himself are finding their schedules even more pack than before with also many different invitations to attend variety shows. The singing line members seems to be active in singing based activities while Donghae, Siwon and Kibum focus on acting. Eunhyuk knew that Donghae has slight interest in acting but most of it is just a part of curiosity for the younger. He wanted to test himself, Eunhyuk remembered Donghae saying something along those line when it comes to acting.

He still remembers clearly that it was towards the end of this year that Donghae has managed to pass the audition for a drama, although not being the lead but for a rookie singer turned actor, it was definitely a good opportunity for him to showcase his talents other than just being a good singer and dancer. For the last few years, both Donghae and Eunhyuk are entering this phase of fame where their band is finally the rising star of the year.

IU however appears to be losing this sweet and innocent nature in the eyes of the media recently as Korean sites (Naver and Nate) have been buzzing with controversy since IU ‘accidentally’ uploaded a picture in which she is seen wearing her pyjamas alongside a shirtless Eunhyuk.

It was really happening The car crashed and went “kwang, kwang, kwang” spun out and I lost consciousness lost consciousness due to shock I lost consciousness but then gained it back I was wondering what had happened I saw the car far away and it was overturned Ah, I realized that there was a car accident -FLASH BACK- Announcer: However Kyuhyun is in critical condition They had just finished a radio broadcast and were on their way home to their dorm Super Junior’s car accident that had scared the world KH: I tought first, I need to get up, so I raised my body and was on my knees All of sudden, my eyes became blurry and my past was flashing before my eyes From the time I entered elementary school, to when I went on vacation with my family, the first time I ever stood on stage MC: In that short moment, it all flashed before your eyes?

At that moment I thought “Ah, this is how I’m going to die” Right then Eunhyuk ran over to me and grabbed my hand I was cying and praying to let me live Eunhyuk started praying and crying with me Eunhyuk forgot about his own injuries and instead prayed for his dongsaeng I was in a coma for 4 days and when I woke up, I was in the hospital Kyuhyun like a miracle woke up from a 4-day coma LT: The car spun two times and it over turned Leeteuk who was in the car accident as well I thought” Ah, I’m going to die” and lost consciousness in a instant, felt the extreme fear of dying In my instance, I had to get stitches ang 30 stitches in my head I opened my eyes and couldn’t see through one eye because of the blood The medics came to me first because they saw all the blood But far over in the dark area, Kyuhyun was lying there with six broken ribs KH: He is a singer” his father opposition on the surgery since the beginning “He is a child who has dreams of songs.

[TRANSCRIPT] 141008 Radio Star with Super Junior

According to entertainment news site allkpop. In China, lead single Growing Pains, a guitar-driven electronic rock number, leapt to No. Its music video, with its slick cinematography, swiftly emerged as the most-viewed Korean video on China’s premier online video portals YinYueTai and iQiyi.

IU is reportedly close to some Korean male idols, such as 2PM’s Wooyoung, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Singer’s Jang Kiha, or Actor’s Lee Hyunwoo. But, she confirmed that she has a special relationship with singer Jang Kiha.

Aqui vai mais um membro desse grupo lindo!!!!! Podem gritar a vontade! Esperamos que gostem do que pesquisamos sobre ele! Ele passou a ver o nascer do sol com seu pai e foi pego no filme. Esse clipe apareceu mais tarde em um programa de TV. Ele eu se inscreveu novamente um ano depois e foi aceito. Ele tem sido alvo de brincadeiras pelos outros membros muitas vezes. Exatamente o oposto do Heechul.

20121112 E! Today – IU, Eun-hyuk, 연예투데이 – 아이유, 은혁 사진 논란

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