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Trunks were generally constructed with a base trunk box made of pine which was then covered with protective and decorative materials. Some of the earliest trunks are covered with studded hide or leather and look much like the furniture of the same period which makes sense as trunk manufacturing was sometimes an offshoot of a furniture business. Later coverings include paper, canvas, plain or embossed tin, with an uncounted assortment of hardware and hardwood slats to keep it all down. One of the largest American manufacturers of trunks at one point — Seward Trunk Co. Another is the English luxury goods manufacturer H. Cave trading since


Hotels quickly followed suit, particularly Grand hotels in exotic cities that provided great comfort, elegance and luxury for their guests. The hotel label not only facilitated baggage handling, it became a status symbol. Functional labels quickly evolved into beautiful, sophisticated graphic design. A single collection of over three thousand international travel labels, selected for their graphic appeal and quality, from grand hotels, luxury steamship lines and romantic train routes such as the Orient Express, will be featured at the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair , September , at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint.

Exhibitor Sheryl Jaeger of Eclectibles is showcasing labels from the private collection of Jane Goodrich, world traveler and co-founder of Spectrum Publishing. The s marked the Golden Age of luggage labels due to a huge economic boom just prior to the Wall Street Crash of

Last spring I got an email from an Art of Doing Stuff reader who lives in my general area. She said she had spotted a vintage suitcase out for garbage pickup while she was out for her morning walk.

I’ll share a few helpful tips and tricks I’ve learned. Then, I’ll put them to work to show you how I determined the age of some vintage handbags. Each of these purses will soon be available for purchase in my shop! Is there a brand label? The following sources are great for researching these identifiers.

Each designer or brand has its own page that tells the history and lists examples of labels from different eras. This website has many other useful pages that are chock full of information. As long as a registration has been applied for at some point, you should be able to find what you are looking for. The thing I love about this resource is that you are able to see when the particular mark was first used commercially. For example, even if a registration wasn’t applied for until , you can still see that the trademark was first used in Say it expired in

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I really want to try and keep the links limited to classic bikes as that is what we are all here for. General Classic Bike Links: Reproduction literature, memorabilia and other classic bike stuff http: You MUST check this site out! Includes animations showing the workings of all types of internal combustion and steam engines.

Product – Graphics and More Eiffel Tower Paris Vintage Luggage Tags Suitcase Carry-On ID, Set of 2. Product Image. Price $ Product – Decmode Farmhouse 18, 21 and 23 Inch Wood and Leather Vintage Suitcases – Set of 3. Product Image. Price $ Product Title. Decmode Farmhouse 18, 21 and 23 Inch Wood and Leather Vintage.

Just in Louis Vuittion trunk A modern cabin trunk dating probably from the s or s in the recognisable plastic canvas used today. The bag has palladium hardware and has the blind stamp H meaning it was made in Au Touriste trunk A cubic trunk, for hats dating probably from the s in pig skin. It was made byn the very reputable trunk-maker ‘Au Touriste’ in Paris. The interior has been relined. Louis Vuitton trunk A courrier trunk made by Louis Vuitton, , in woven cotton. The trunk has an iron trim and handles in brass.

Le Monde du Voyage is a family business dedicated to bringing you the luxury you deserve! The shop was founded more than 30 years ago by Roger and Janette Zisul and has been run for the past 17 years by their son, Alain and his wife, Helen. To get to us on public transport you can take a the 85 bus from the centre of Paris which drops you just outside the entrance to Serpette the stop is Paul Bert or you can take b line 4 of the metro to Porte de Clignancourt and then have a 15 minute walk or c line 13 of the metro to Garibaldi and have a 10 minute walk.

Helen and Alain Zisul also offer a secection of perfectly preserved Louis Vuitton trunks. Louis Vuitton trunks from another time are piled up nearing the ceiling, oozing with untold stories and faraway travel tales. A closer look shows an art of craftsmanship that barely exists today; running your fingers over the engravings fills you up with a tingly nostalgia.

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Buyers Guide Antique Luggage A modern suitcase although practical and convenient, lacks the certain charm, character and craftsmanship and originality of antique luggage. Initials, crests, stickers and labels that adorn each piece of antique luggage document journeys long ago taken; their previous tales of travel left to the imagination. Antique luggage is attractive, both us a practical way to transport ones belongings and as a purely decorative piece.

Suitcase, Vellum, Vintage, Art Deco, Cream, Luggage, Decor, Storage This is a quality vintage cream vellum suitcase from the age of travel and adventure The s All stitched seams and chrome locks It is in good used condition and.

Bozeman, MT How to help date your jacket and other items based on their zippers, s-present. Guides for dating the pull, the stop box, the slider and the top-stops. Separable bottomed zippers, where you can disengage the two sides of the zipper, as found on jackets, were first introduced in The changes in component styles made by Talon since then can help pin down the dating of your vintage clothing. Keep in mind that there was overlap in the changeovers in component styles, which is to say, you may have a jacket with a stop box most commonly used in the late s and a slider most commonly used in the mid s.

Hardware like this also didn’t always get used immediately, so earlier hardware may have found its way into later garments. There are variations found in all the components below, with each machine used in the Talon factory producing components with slightly different typefaces and logo sizing. There are also exceptions to the dating, like the long pull s puller in the third row down on the right, which was most commonly seen on jackets in that era, but which could be found on luggage as early as the s.

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Vintage luggage is as personable as the people who carried it, and today, it adds style and flair to travel. Whether you enjoy owning a Mary Poppins carpetbag or a James Bond suitcase, the sky is the limit when it comes to luggage.

Numbers matching hp ci LT1 engine, 4 speed manual transmission, posi rear-end. WOW — this Corvette Convertible is LOADED with desirable options including power steering, power brakes, and tilt and telescopic steering, shows just 44, documented original miles with records dating back to new, TONS of valuable original delivery documentation, and some valuable Corvette-related autographs as well!

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Jasperware is the form of ceramics devised by Josiah Wedgwood which has a stoneware body and can either be white or coloured and comes in a matte finish. As said it was first industrialized by Josiah Wedgwood and is most famously known in the popular blue and white versions, but it does come in many other colours. The term ‘jasper’ came from the Greek word ‘iaspis’ which itself has oriental origins and is linked to the Hebrew word ‘yaspeh’ which stands for an opaque range of quartz which is ordinarily coloured red, yellow or brown.

It is very difficult in some cases to date Jasperware and the rules below should help you when considering the age on any item of Jasperware that you are considering purchasing. But if you find that the marks are separated Wedgwood Made in England then the piece has probably made prior to and if the stamp is altogether then it is post However, there are some exceptions to this rule for example smaller pieces such as thimbles or miniatures, often these pieces will only carry the stamp Wedgwood England because of their size in comparison to the stamp being used.

Find great deals on eBay for vintage luggage. Shop with confidence.

Subscribe to our Mailing List Be aware of latest acquisitions before they hit the site, as well as sale opportunities. Today, Louis Vuitton offers a plethora of luggage pieces in countless combinations of pattern interpretations, materials, and shapes, but it all began with the trunk or “malle,” in French. The very first Louis Vuitton trunk was introduced in The Vuitton trunk was especially noteworthy upon its introduction, as it was the first trunk to have a flat top and bottom, so as to be stackable and more easily transported.

Previously, trunks of the day featured rounded tops to facilitate water run-off. We do not currently have this trunk type in our inventory. Follow us and stay up to date with our latest trunks. Later, in , he began using a beige and brown striped canvas. A phenomenon, an evolution Share The Damier Canvas – Present To further avoid imitation of his look, Vuitton introduced the Damier canvas in The antique Louis Vuitton Damier canvas appear in two color schemes: Upon the introduction of the Damier pattern, Vuitton began placing “marque L.

The Damier canvas is still used frequently to this day.

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Identifying the best of anything involves personal taste and style, and so it is with luggage. There are, however, some objective considerations in recommending the best luggage brands, such as design, warranty, and quality of materials , zippers, wheels, and handles. Therefore, our recommendations for best luggage brands are based on value as well as quality and design. The list includes luggage in various price ranges, ordered from low- to high-investment, with an emphasis on durability, style, and function.

Owned by Samsonite, this widely available and dependable brand includes softside and hardside luggage in a variety of bold colors and finishes, including bags for kids and adults! Advertisement 2 of 12 Courtesy of Samsonite Samsonite One of the best-known luggage brands, Samsonite began more than years ago as a trunk manufacturer.

Today, both Samsonite and American Tourister, working together under the Samsonite umbrella, are still revolutionizing the way we travel. Silhouette Sphere, Samsonite’s newest line, leads the way in spinner luggage with four spherical wheels.

Jewelry helps tie pieces together, reflects a mood and aesthetic, and can balance out an outfit more than any other accessory. How could you not love that? The name was quickly changed to the Reinad Novelty Company and they stopped using the Chanel stamp on their pieces. Read on for some helpful tips to help date Vintage Chanel jewelry by paying special attention to markings. Click on the photos below if you need to enlarge the image. Oftentimes jewelry was sold as part of an entire ensemble, and remained unmarked.

Variations on these stamps were used on most pieces until Coco Chanel died in the early s. It was around this time that pieces began to be marked with the interlocking C logo that is so universally recognized. Necklaces were marked in a further unique way—a small circular plate with the relevant markings was folded in half over a single link in the chain.

In the center of those stamps was a copyright symbol flanked by numbers associated with the specific season the piece was designed for. Necklaces could be worn as tiaras, belts as necklaces, brooches as hair jewelry.

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History[ edit ] Trunk maker since [ edit ] Maison Morel was the official purveyor of Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchess de Berry , [6] an honour that granted it the title of “box maker, trunk maker and packer of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Berry”. He was also instrumental in arranging her marriage to one of his employees, Louis-Henri Morel — , who was twenty-three at the time. Monsieur Morel died suddenly on 24 August

Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Suitcases. In 18th-century Europe, leisure travel was only for the rich. Their servants would pack the.

History[ edit ] Trunk maker since [ edit ] Maison Morel was the official purveyor of Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchess de Berry , [6] an honour that granted it the title of “box maker, trunk maker and packer of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Berry”. He was also instrumental in arranging her marriage to one of his employees, Louis-Henri Morel — , who was twenty-three at the time. Monsieur Morel died suddenly on 24 August He created the first Goyard advertisements, participated in various World Expositions and opened four branch stores.

He also laid the foundations for the brand as we know it today, as he came up with the emblematic Goyardine canvas, launched a pet accessories range and developed products for automobiles. He partnered with his eldest son Robert, and together they ran E. Goyard Elder and Son. This sickle-like tool with a blade attached to a two-metre-long strong wooden handle was used by the Bourguignon people from the Aube area to cut thorns they would then transplant onto hedgerow stakes.

The family settled down in Paris and soon welcomed another son, Martin, who was born on 10 October The house changed its name to E. His impact on the house proved considerable, as he constantly updated the range of products, notably by developing a new canvas. He patented the design for this woven canvas in The Chevron pattern remained, and the overall design was simplified, as the production process required, leaving the canvas bare of any name.

After the end of World War II, Robert resumed running the company until ; upon his death, his granddaughter Isabelle Goyard took over with the help of her father.

Clues to Dating Antiques #1

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