How to Buy and Restore Vintage Shaving Gear

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American Safety Razor / Ever-Ready Company History: – The Kampfe brothers, Joseph and Richard, introduce the Star Razor; the first safety razor made in the United States. Its revolutionary design wins national and international awards for design and craftsmanship.

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Jan 21,  · Help dating razors: GEM Ever-Ready/ Gold GEM Junior Discussion in ‘Single Edged Razors’ started by MBurris, May 27, Here is a silver GEM Ever-Ready. It is marked “Ever-Ready, MADE IN U.S.A.” under the lid. It has a more intricate handle. Does anyone know when the Ever Ready razor was discontinued? I believe they lasted into the.

Created by razor collector Matthew Pisarcik to be the premier marketplace for new and vintage razors, shaving supplies and restoration services. Traditional wet-shaving supplies, restoration services. New Video with a perfectly pleasant shave, maybe one of the best! Thank you for your patience – will continue shipping all next week to get caught up!! Razor Emporium Wet Shave Showdown: Matt discovers the differences aren’t so subtle Enjoy a sneak peek of next week’s episode!

We paired the best Old World razor with the best New World razor, lets see how they compare! Well strap in and follow along! We want to see your results, share and tag us! So you’ve bought the “best beginner safety razor”, you can make a Santa beard lather quickly, and you have enough Double Edge Blades to fill the interior of your bathroom drywall For most men, the safety Ignore my dirty thumb: Very classy and unique!

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Gillette Date Codes “How old is this razor? Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly. Some razor makers put serial numbers on their razors, but we don’t always have the key to how the serial numbers fit to dates of manufacture.

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How To Modify A Modern DE Blade For A Vintage SEGAL Razor

This primer will show you how to easily distinguish between and identify the two different razor types.. The earliest Fatboys Version 1 , from , had a visible nickel collar just below the adjustment dial, a black band at the top of the handle and a slotted retainer cap. Around the beginning of , the Fatboy Version 3 bottom plate changed to become shorter and more simply made; this would not have been externally visible so, Versions 3 and 4 would appear the same externally.

Then around , the Fatboy Version 4 lost the service notches in its retainer cap when Gillette went from threads to crimp fitting. If you have one of each type in a picture, let’s say of a razor lot photo, the Fatboy is easy to find.

Mar 02,  · is most remembered for the start of the Great War: World War 1. But also, Ever Ready applied for a Patent to make a razor. Introducing the ER.

This razor is in excellent condition, all the teeth are in tact and perfectly straight. The original gold finish is no longer in tact, but has been polished to perfection. This razor is a wonderful shaver and well regarded throughout the wet shaving community as one of the best 3-piece razors made by Gillette. If you are looking for a great razor that you can pop a blade in directly out of the box and shave with then look no further.

This razor has been completely cleaned, polished, and sterilized in an autoclave machine. The short comb base plate is extremely popular among wet shaving enthusiasts because of its ability to provide an amazing smooth shave. It is slightly more aggressive then the Gillette ‘New’ Long comb. The teeth allow for enough of a gap to protect against razor burn and give an amazingly smooth shave.

Do not let this gorgeous razor pass you buy. This razor does require some slight maintenance to keep it bright and shiny, like a penny, it will tarnish. I simply use an old soft cloth or t-shirt and a dab of Mr. Metal or any inexpensive brass polish and it will shine right up. If this is not an issue to you then shave on. It has the patent number stamped on the base plate dating it to the s.

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company history Building on + years of innovation In the Kampfe brothers applied for a patent for their new hair removal invention, coining the term “safety razor” and starting a shaving revolution that continues to this day.

This post was last modified: I think many of the more aggressive vintage razors, like the , might benefit from the smoothness of a Feather blade. At any rate, very few vintage SE guys have chosen to experiment with these. That said, it has been reported elsewhere that the Feather FHS spineless blade cannot be used in a without adding a spine to it. Just de-spine a GEM, and put it on the Feather, and load into the If you end up preferring the Feather, you should be able to use the same spine over and over again on multiple Feather blades until the crease on the spine weakens or cracks.

If you end up trying this out, please report your findings! Thank you for your info. I don’t think I’ll go to the trouble though. It’s just the loading of the blade that is difficult.

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Off course, if I can find new blades for it it will no longer be unused – what better way to try SE shaving than with a razor that has a history attached? Anyhow, I would be grateful if anyone can help me shed a bit of light on the details: What model, when made, stuff like that. And off course; where I can find blades for it. A nice box – a little worse for wear in the hinge, hence the slightly offset lid.

Sep 23,  · The earlier ones were labeled Gem Cutlery Company & Ever-Ready. American Safety Razor Co. came into existence when Gem & Ever-Ready merged with Star to become the American Safety Razor Corporation in

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Apr 20,  · Can the Ever Ready razor use a Feather FHS 10 blade without modification, or does it require a spine? Does anyone here know? 22 Reply. , AM #2. Len; Banned; User Info. I think many of the more aggressive vintage razors, like the , might benefit from the smoothness of a Feather blade.

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The history behind the GEM razor (Txt2Spch)

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