A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Posted on December 27, 3 comments What has Shakespeare to do with Christmas? He only mentions it twice by name, and then only in passing. Yet of all the paths that lead to our present celebration of Christmas, the one forged by Shakespeare is the widest and surest, leading as it did through the barren desert of the puritan Reformation to give back to the English, not the feudal style of merry-making, but through his creation of the London Stage, the joys of Theater and all that has developed from it, school plays and amateur theatricals, films and television. While the Stage began as a compensation for the loss of the old processions, it shows its origins through the furnishings of many of his plays. No more cakes and ale The puritans who represented the more extreme beliefs that were brought to England in the s with the Swiss Reformation did not condone the kind of merry-making that had always been associated with Christmas and the period after it leading up to Lent. With their insistence on a lifestyle and a form of worship that adhered to what they believed came directly from the Bible, they regarded all festivity as evidence of papistical excess, a backsliding into the evils of Sodom and Gomorrah, the worship of Baal, of witchcraft, sorcery. Following Calvin, the reformers eliminated all but four of the scores of feast days associated with the Catholic saints. While Christmas was one of the four, it was a Christmas sadly bereft of its pagan trimmings——no decorating of trees, no burning of yule logs, no St. Nicholas, no mistletoe, no wassail bowl, no filling the halls with boughs of holly——no fa la la la la. The church itself, once their beautiful and beloved halfway house to Heaven, was no longer festive.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Annotated Shakespeare)

Patrick is in Missouri, USA? Donegal was believed to be one of the two entrances to Hell, Mount Etna on Sicily being the other? It’s a legal hangover from the days when the county was the poitin capital of Ireland.

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Mainz Cathedral Mainz cathedral is as much a part of the city as the Rhenish carnival. Rising majestically from the city centre, it is one of the most important ecclesiastical buildings in Germany. Built in under the aegis of Bishop Willigis, this cathedral and episcopal church is at the spiritual centre of the diocese of Mainz. A thousand years ago, when the church was already under the patronage of St. Martin of Tours, faithful followers from the city would flock here. Attractions include the altar of St.

Today, the adjoining collegiate buildings house the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum. Find out more about City-Highlights The birth of the printed word:

Russell T Davies’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream casts Richard Wilson, Matt Lucas, John Hannah and more

The singer, who wore an elegant medieval-style black and ivory gown, tied the knot with her manager Steve Abbott during a bilingual ceremony in Cardiff. But while the service at the Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Chapel in the city centre may have been traditional, the newly-weds showed their quirky side by holding their wedding reception at the Glee Club in nearby Cardiff Bay. The rain showers, which had struck intermittently throughout the day, stopped before Cerys, 41, arrived at the church in a horse-drawn carriage, 15 minutes after the 4.

She was accompanied by her young attendants, who included her children — Glenys Pearl Y Felin, seven, and five-year-old Johnny Tupelo Jones — also wearing medieval-style black and white outfits. Her outfit was completed by a long ivory veil, which was held in place with a black flower, and a pearl necklace and earrings.

In the British Isles, Midsummer Eve, the evening before the Christian Feast of St John the Baptist, was celebrated on 24th of June. Old Midsummer’s Eve fell on a later date (one which Americans will certainly recognize), after the calendar change of

Opening a New Year production of Shakespeare’s sunniest rom-com during a weekend of stormy weather more appropriate to The Tempest is a gloriously contrary gesture. There was much warmth on offer, however, in Ali de Souza’s s take on the play performed in the RCS’ Chandler Studio space by young acting students. The romantic merry-go-round builds up an impressive head of dry ice later on, but it’s a rag-time soundtrack that ushers in the assorted cross-class shenanigans that follows.

Lysander and Demetrius are a pair of horny lads in stripey blazers, and the objects of their assorted affections, Hermia and Helena, a couple of society flappers who’ve just discovered boys. Only once things move underground, however, and Puck applies his chemical charms in all the wrong places, does the party really start to swing. Here Laurie Scott’s flat-capped ham of a Bottom falls in with Catherine Barr’s Poison Ivy-like Titania and her coterie of tie-dye clad love-children who resemble revellers at a jazz-age rave.

If Titania is the play’s liberated female heart, it rubs off on her more earth-bound sisters too. Alex Kampfner makes for a sprite-like Hermia fit to burst as she spars with the specky string-bean and force of comedic nature that is Sarah Miele’s Helena. If the pair’s interplay with their suitors captures the full vainglorious thrust of the dating game’s many pitfalls, their own exchanges are a hell-hath-no-fury whirlwind before all involved must face the music and dance.

The Herald, January 13th ends.

The magic of Midsummer Day

The road passes through South Cadbury village and, a short distance beyond the church, comes to the foot of the only path up the hill. This is marked by a notice-board. There is a small parking space, and a much larger one farther on. The path climbs gently to a gate in a wall, and then more steeply through woods, till it emerges in she enclosure on top.

Along with Midsummer’s Eve, there are known goddesses that are symbolic of water, the ever-flowing changes that occur on earth that of the cycle of the lakes, clouds and back to the oceans. These goddesses are Matuta, Anahita and Kupala who lend their energies to this night of Midsummer’s Eve, as some people will bathe by moonlight as they take a dip in some special lake.

The play opens with Hermia , who is in love with Lysander, resistant to her father Egeus ‘s demand that she wed Demetrius , whom he has arranged for her to marry. Helena , Hermia’s best friend, pines unrequitedly for Demetrius, who broke up with her to be with Hermia. Enraged, Egeus invokes an ancient Athenian law before Duke Theseus, whereby a daughter needs to marry a suitor chosen by her father, or else face death.

Theseus offers her another choice: Quince reads the names of characters and bestows them on the players. Nick Bottom, who is playing the main role of Pyramus, is over-enthusiastic and wants to dominate others by suggesting himself for the characters of Thisbe, the Lion, and Pyramus at the same time. He would also rather be a tyrant and recites some lines of Ercles.

Bottom is told by Quince that he would do the Lion so terribly as to frighten the duchess and ladies enough for the Duke and Lords to have the players hanged. Snug remarks that he needs the Lion’s part because he is “slow to study”. Quince ends the meeting with “at the Duke’s oak we meet”. Titania tells Oberon that she plans to stay there until she has attended Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding.

Oberon and Titania are estranged because Titania refuses to give her Indian changeling to Oberon for use as his “knight” or “henchman”, since the child’s mother was one of Titania’s worshippers. Oberon seeks to punish Titania’s disobedience. He calls upon Robin ” Puck ” Goodfellow, his “shrewd and knavish sprite”, to help him concoct a magical juice derived from a flower called ” love-in-idleness “, which turns from white to purple when struck by Cupid’s arrow.


The magic of Midsummer Day Published: This is most obvious at dusk, when the sun slips slowly beneath the horizon in a blaze of rose gold. Then the twilight ushers in a few bright stars. Although the summer solstice is on the 21st tradition says Midsummer Day is June 24, the feast day of St John the Baptist.

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Reply So begins a certain love letter. But there was no Tudor microchip, and lovers might have to resort to code. He was her Eyes and sketched his own fine, dark pair in letters to the Queen. But the exact nature of their bond is a subject of speculation. After resisting the accession of the Catholic Mary Tudor, he was imprisoned in the Tower and was fortunate to escape the block. It was here he met the young Elizabeth whose life also hung by a thread in the wrangle for succession which followed the death of Henry VII.

After Elizabeth became Queen, Leicester was swiftly marked out for her particular favour. Apart from important court positions and trading privileges, he was given estates, houses, manors, forests and ecclesiastical properties in both England and Wales. Among them was the estate of Kenilworth in Warwickshire, which was to become his favourite residence. He was made Baron of Denbigh and Earl of Leicester in

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Novelty candy shaped like skulls, pumpkins, bats, worms, etc. Small bags of potato chips, pretzels and caramel corn Chocolates, caramels, and gum Pumpkin and Apple pie ice cream are sometimes enjoyed Around the World Halloween is not celebrated in all countries and regions of the world, and among those that do the traditions and importance of the celebration vary significantly. Celebration in the United States has had a significant impact on how the holiday is observed in other nations.

The history of Halloween traditions in a given country also lends context to how it is presently celebrated.

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In other words Latvian midsummer festival can be called St. John’s Eve in Latvia is held in the night from 23 June to 24 June to celebrate the summer solstice, the shortest night and longest day of the year. It is a national holiday celebrated on a large scale by almost everyone in Latvia and by people of Latvian origin abroad.

Usually Latvian people celebrate John’s Eve in the countryside. Originally John’s Eve was a pagan custom but after Christianization it became associated with Saint John the Baptist’s feast day, which falls on June In the past, evil witches were believed to be riding around, so people decorated their houses and lands with rowan branches and thorns in order to protect themselves from evil.

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Jun 23,  · 7. In 14th century England, Midsummer’s Eve was celebrated on June 23 with bonfires and feasting. 8. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Quebec, Midsummer Day (June 24) is a Author: William Hartston.

Austria[ edit ] In Austria the midsummer solstice is celebrated each year with a spectacular procession of ships down the Danube River as it flows through the wine-growing Wachau Valley just north of Vienna. Up to 30 ships sail down the river in line as fireworks erupt from the banks and hill tops while bonfires blaze and the vineyards are lit up.

Lighted castle ruins also erupt with fireworks during the minute cruise downstream. Brazil[ edit ] Portuguese St. John’s Day, brought to Brazil during colonial times, has become a popular event that is celebrated during a period that starts one week before St. Anthony’s Day June 12 and ends after St. Peter’s Day June Rural life is celebrated through typical clothing, food, and dance particularly square dancing , or quadrilha.

The quadrilha features couple formations around a mock wedding whose bride and groom are the central attraction of the dancing. A kind of maypole called “pau-de-sebo” is also raised and used in some festivities. John’s Day eve celebration, it’s sometimes placed a ritual of walking on live-coal made of the remnants of the main bonfire, which is a traditional part of the party, on barefoot by midnight.

It’s believed that if the one who walks is strong in faith, he shall not be hurt. The festivities also coincide with the corn harvest, dishes served during this period are commonly made with corn, such as canjica and pamonha ; dishes also include boiled or baked vegetable corn often buttered , sausages, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and numerous sweet dishes such as rice pudding.

Top 10 facts about Midsummer

The day this occurs is called the June solstice day. Similarly, for an observer on the South Pole , the Sun reaches the highest position on the December solstice day. When it is the summer solstice at one Pole, it is the winter solstice on the other. The Sun’s westerly motion never ceases as Earth is continually in rotation. However, the Sun’s motion in declination comes to a stop at the moment of solstice. In that sense, solstice means “sun-standing”.

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I first saw a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on an outdoor stage with the stars—easily imagined as sixteenth-century stars—shining on the audience and performers, and the breeze inviting all of us to become a part of the magic of Midsummer’s Eve.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Duncan realises his concept with a light, witty touch: This is a richly imaginative staging, full of hallucinogenic poetry and freewheeling fun, complemented by Stuart Stratford’s warm and nicely paced conducting. As Oberon and Tytania, James Laing and Jeni Bern are more glamorous visually than vocally – his counter-tenor lacked resonance, her coloratura skittered – but Tom Walker makes a feral yet endearing Puck, the quartet of lovers is well-integrated, and Bottom Henry Waddington and his hapless crew brought the house down in the Pyramus and Thisbe interlude.

But the evening’s outstanding musical feature is the vibrantly confident choir of fairies, a sinister squadron in white gym-kit and metallic blonde wigs. I wonder whether Britten would have minded that it consists of only six boys to 12 girls? John Eliot Gardiner conducts with his customary attention to clarity and accuracy, drawing beautiful playing from the orchestra, but it is two fabulous singers who lift the performance to rare heights. I haven’t previously been hugely impressed by what I’ve heard of her, but here she was glorious, singing with a sensitive, expressive line, floating exquisitely above the stave and rising effortlessly over the hubbub in the Council Chamber scene.

She looked lovely, too. Freni, Te Kanawa and Gheorghiu have all been marvellous in this part, but I’m tempted to say that Harteros surpassed them all. Equally thrilling in a different way was Ferruccio Furlanetto’s Fiesco – an interpretation in the grand old Italian style, full of the authoritative nobility and majesty that only a true bass can provide.

In the title role, Lucio Gallo also radiated an imposing presence, but wavering intonation and a tendency to rasp let him down at key moments.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Trailer 1999

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