A Lifetime Of Planting Trees On A Remote River Island: Meet India’s Forest Man

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Enlarge this image Jadav Payeng, “The Forest Man of India,” has planted tens of thousands of trees over the course of nearly 40 years. He has made bloom a once desiccated island that lies in the Brahamputra river, which runs through his home state of Assam. It’s here we discover perhaps an even rarer creature: Payeng, 58, is reclaiming an island in the mighty Brahmaputra river where increased flooding has changed the flow and built up sandbars along the long stretch of the river that runs through the middle of Assam.

One Man Single-Handedly Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park. Dr. Arup Kumar Sarma of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati explains Majuli Island’s erosion problem.

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Jadav Payeng

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This short film about the amazing story of the man made forest of Molai was crowdfunded via IndieGogo. It tells the story of Payeng, who single-handedly planted an entire forest to stop the.

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Apr 03,  · Molai Forest Payeng Forest Indian Man Plants Forest Jadev Mulai Payeng Assam Forest Indian Man, Jadav “Molai” Payeng, Single-Handedly Plants A 1, Acre Forest In Assam k.

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Indian man single-handedly plants forest

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It’s truly amazing when we get to cover news of people who single-handedly create something truly significant. Churches on a mountain side, for in this case, an entire forest.

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Jadav Payeng, known as “Mulai” to his friends and neighbours, has spent the last 30 years single-handedly planting and caring for a huge hectare forest on a sandbar in the middle of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India.. In , Assam’s Jorhat district’s social forestry division launched a tree-planting initiative on hectares of the land.

Even though flooding and erosion affects other areas, such as the mainland of Jorhat, erosion could possibly dissolve the island of Majuli, in no time. The people of Majuli have lost homes because of the rising waters — homes and temples. Within five years, temples located just kilometers from the river bank will also be gone.

The Forest Man But there is hope for Majuli. A 1, acre forest, called Molai, could be just the thing to stop the erosion. Planted since the 70s, the Molai forest was nurtured by Jadav Payeng, one tree at a time, until it now is bigger than Central park! Although half of the island has already eroded away, thousands of trees and bamboo now hold fast some remaining acres.

And all this was done single handed, by the forest man! Other species of animals thrive as well, along with plants and various vegetation. Acres of roots crawl deep into the ground, anchoring Majuli. Jadav Payeng has been recognized for this endeavors too. The former president of India, A.

The Man Who Planted A Forest: Jadav Payeng

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